Friday, July 16, 2010

Gigs a go go

Boy oh boy there’s a whole heap of great gigs on next week here in officially ‘The Cosmos Of Culture’ (get behind it people). I’m just scratching the surface here but Wednesday night sees Earth, Wind and Fire at the NIA, clashing with Soil & Pimp Sessions at the Hare & Hounds. Disco Funk or Death Jazz? It’s a tough call. Maybe we could get them both together?

Thursday you’ve got William Control (Wil from Aiden’s side project...he seems like a nice young man) at The Flapper. Goth Synth insanity with a side helping of self loathing.

Then, on Friday , Saturday and Sunday you’ve got the inaugural ‘Off The Cuff Festival' (again at The Flapper) featuring such delights as Chapel Club, 35 Seconds (recently voted Birmingham’s band of the noughties), Pulled Apart By Horses (now that’s a nasty way to go, nearly as bad as being fisted by Meerkats) and Malpas.

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