Friday, September 25, 2009

Top Tracks # 3 The Associates - Party Fears Two

Proof once again that I have my finger on the pulse of new music I proudly present the third in my random series of Top Tracks, The Associates and 'Party Fears Two' I guess if you're over 30 you'll know it already, younger viewers may not be so familiar. For the uninitiated The Associates were one of those incredible '80's bands who managed to release some pretty strange stuff that, incredibly, got into the charts. Take this track for instance, almost operatic vocals, ghostly sounding keyboards and oddball's an intoxicating mix...Phil Spector meets Soft Cell. The band (more of a solo vehicle for Billy in the later years) went on to have a few more hits before drifting into cultish semi-obscurity. Just as he seemed to be making a comeback of sorts in the late 90's Billy committed suicide. He was just 39. I've probably listened to this track more than any other in my life and, unusually for me, I never get bored of it. Enjoy.

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Ken Davidson said...

Mad genius. I love the bird miming to too many notes on the leccy piano, and I'll be blowed if I can hear a banjo anywhere in the mix... ;)