Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Puppa Class - LDZ release new EP

Yeah, yeah, yeah…what’s up motherhumpers? MC Baron in da house, keeping it gangsta and… and probably dope too…oh alright then, I can’t do street speak but listening to this EP a few times I’m struck with a sudden yearning to start wearing my jeans round my knees and investing in a couple of tonnes of gold chains. Yes it’s LDZ (or London Zoo to their mates) with their latest release The Puppa Murc EP. Fusing grime, dubstep and hip hop over four tracks it’s a catchy, classy collection that neatly showcases the kind of music that you normally hear blasting out of mobiles on the top decks of inner city buses. There’s some clever rhymes across all the tracks (especially the closer ‘Go This Way’), but pick of the bunch for me is ‘Relevant’, a looped Spanish guitar giving way to a dirty dubstep beat that’s the perfect backing for MC Dabbla to deliver an angst ridden flow.

The Puppa Murc EP is out right now on Dented Records. Respec…

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