Friday, September 18, 2009

Having a party this weekend…?

It’s a thorny problem. You’ve arranged a bit of a house party and want to appear super cool but the only CD you have came free with the Daily Mail in 2003 (Jive Bunny’s Anthrax Party Mix) and you dropped your i-pod down the loo (hell, it happens). Relax. I have the answer courtesy of the Hearing Aid’s American correspondent (didn’t you know this site was international?) the Bobby Dazzler (that’s his real name too…honest). It’s a three hour StickyPod Connection mix, so enough time for your guests to get legless and start groping each other, from this year's Shambhala and it features everything from J5 to The Beatles (as you’ve never heard them before). It’s a quite brilliant funk/breakbeat/ragga mashup and you can download the whole thing right here, free, gratis and for nothing. Shabba!

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