Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Supper(club) man…

…or DJ Marcello in this, the fifth in the Supperclub series (bugger…looks like I missed the first four…wonder what they had…I always like a nice bit of cheese on toast…either that or a chicken kebab). It seems that this double album is designed to act as something of a ‘post dinner, pre-dancing soundtrack’. Sounds very posh. It is too. In fact it’s the kind of music that you imagine being played in beach bars full of beautiful people with all over tans, bods to die for and a 60ft yacht anchored just outside Monte Carlo. For us lesser mortals (I’m not so much a yacht man…more of a rubber duck dude) it’s actually a pretty fine Sunday morning CD too - you know the deal, Sunday papers, cup of tea and hot buttered muffins in bed...nothing but a mild hangover on your mind.

Amongst the 30 tracks that make up the album you’ve got some big names, Bebel Gilberto, Ennio Morricone (both neatly remixed) and Trentemoller, but it’s some of the lesser known tunes that distracts me from my muffins (and it takes something pretty special to separate me from my muffins). ‘Magpie’ by Abraham lays some nifty 80’s sounds onto a bed of chilled out beats with some lush female vocals (like a happier Beth from Portishead). ‘Baaaby’ by Ta’raach samples some 70’s soul funk which is just right if you fancy getting a little jiggy, especially as it morphs into the breathy ‘Swim (With The Dolphins)’ featuring the soft as silk voice of a certain Victoria Wilson James. ‘First Transmission’ by Al-Pha- X is another highlight from Disc 1, a string soaked Arabian adventure, followed a few tracks later by Marzebian’s ‘Let It Ride’, 5 minutes and 45 seconds of chilled down salsa flavoured heaven. Why bother exploring the world when you can lie in bed and let it come to you eh?

Disc 2 can also be safely filed in the ‘Chilled Out Beats’ section of your music collection (actually my filing system just consists of piles and piles of CD’s on the floor…under the floor…in the bath…everywhere…it’s like a large branch of HMV has thrown up all over my house). In fact, if anything it’s even more chilled…perhaps a degree or two. I can personally vouch for the gypsy tinged Taxi To War by DJ Disse which gets the old head nodding and Je T’taime by Kerri Chandler, a tribute to the trials and tribulations of lurrrrve. If your man/woman done you wrong stick it on and dance around the garden in your pants. It might not help but it’ll give the neighbours yet another reason to blank you in Tesco Metro. Seriously though (shit, I have to be serious?) this album’s a pretty perfect soundtrack for just sitting back and letting the world wash over you, whether you’re in bed with the Sunday papers (and your muffins, don't forget the muffins) or fully i-podded up on the beach (muffins optional here I guess). Ciao.

Supperclub Naivety, mixed by DJ Marcello, is out on United Recordings on July 13th 2009.

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