Monday, June 29, 2009

Elektralux - Missing Out

With a name that sounds like a brand of electrical goods it’s perhaps no surprise that this little ditty about finding someone to poke (I’m not normally this base…blame the sunshine) whilst being broke quickly plugs itself into yer lugholes. Our hero (vocalist Nik Walker…who sounds a little like Keith Flint’s younger bro) is trying to impress a lady who has loadsamoney, whilst he’s as broke as an MP with some serious moat cleaning to be done. It’s a kind of reverse Common People for the credit crunch…he’s trying to get her to see beyond his lack of Benjamins, she’s all about the bling. Backed by a certain MC Erl Grey (classy name there fella) it’s a timely reminder that whilst money can’t buy you love a lack of it ain’t much cop either, especially if you’re after a certain kind of lady. You’re better off without her Mr Walker. Get yourself down Wetherspoons and find yourself a real lady…someone’s who’s quite happy with a bag of chips and a pint of Old Rosie. Musically the band's debut single is an upbeat, light garagey kinda track that bounces along nicely whilst somehow managing to reference both Madonna and Dire Straits – now there’s a collaboration I wouldn’t mind seeing. No doubt Michael Eavis has ‘em both booked for Glasto 2010 already. As is the way with singles the lead track comes with a brace of remixes. Out of the two the broken beat version (remixed by Slugabed) works best, the stuttering bass reflecting the sheer hard slog of working for your money and your ‘lady’…probably...who says I overanalyse things eh?

Missing Out by Elektralux is out on August 3rd 2009 on Naim Edge. You can choose between 12inch vinyl (old skool stylee) or digital download (if you’re down with the yoot).

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