Saturday, November 22, 2008

A-Skillz...true happiness is just a beat away.

So...the government just needs to find the odd £100billion to dig us all out of the shit then eh? Maybe the banks could sort 'em out? Oh. Good point. Hmmmm...well, in the absence of any kinda future at least we still have our tunes and, like some kind of musical saviours, A-Skillz and Krafty Kuts are just about to release the perfect track for our deeply troubled times - Happiness. Kickin' off with a 1930's style jazz dude and some darn funky horns, before unleashing all manner of breakbeat madness, we're reminded that 'money won't bring happiness'. How true. It does, in the words of Quentin Crisp, buy a better class of misery, but we'll gloss over that. From start to finish the whole track's as catchy as man flu, but oh so much more fun. I'd just love to see ol' Gordon Brown step up to the mic next time he's going to do one of his fascinating speeches and, instead, just bring on a huge beatbox and play this track. It's 3minutes and 29seconds of pure meaty beaty medicine for a sick nation and I prescribe an extra large dose to all concerned...especially you...yes you...the one with the Primark jumper on. What were you thinking dear?

As an added bonus there's two other tracks, Got The Rhythm and the BeardyMan Bonus, both of which bring the sound of the Godfather of Soul himself, Mr James Brown, screaming into the 21st Century. For the uninitiated, Beardy Man is the beatboxers beatboxer. A true master of the mouth and, by all accounts, a lovely - if slighty eccentric - chap. Despite being in his hometown of Brighton for the last two Great Escapes I've missed his live show, so this will have to do until next year. Third time lucky perhaps? Of the two Beardy tracks, the BeardyMan Bonus (an improv based on Beardy Man conquering the universe through 'the power of stupid noises') is the best. Just check out the beatboxing section towards the end of the track. How the funk does so much come out of one little orifice?

Happiness is out on the 8th December on Finger Lickin Records, but you lucky peeps can check it out at A-Skillz' MySpace thingamajig right now. Happier now? Good.

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