Sunday, November 02, 2008

Cats all folks.

Yes, you can forget the X Factor, US Election, Strictly Come Dancing other competition. The one that's got the whole world talking reached its dizzying climax just moments ago when Lady Baron folded up little bits of paper and shoved 'em down the side of the sofa (we couldn't find a hat). Yes, it's the Catskills double album and frisbee competition thingy results doo dah! The winners were, in no particular order...Holly, Irena and The Bobby Dazzler. Congratulations to all concerned and a big thank you to the 26,567 other people who entered. I was delighted to see that over 10% of my readership took the time to enter. It makes this blogging business worthwhile.

Coming soon...your chance to win an Aston Martin (hint hint to the good folk at Aston Martin) and bag yourself a date (and possibly a dose of the clap) with Russell Brand!

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thebobbydazzler said...

A big thank you to Catskills for generously donating tunes and plastic and big big thank you to The Baron and his Hearing Aid for making me one of the lucky winners.