Friday, November 14, 2008

Neon Neon / Yo Majesty @ The Glee Club, Monday 10th November 2008

Another gig at The Glee Club. And another cracker (well, it is nearly Christmas after all). First up a band I wrote about some time ago and have been aching to see (yes, aching) ever since...Yo Majesty! Fronted by Shunda K and Jwl. B and produced by Hardfeelings they're the freshest thing in female rap since Salt got her thang goin' on with Pepa. Openly lesbian, their lyrics are often (knuckle) deeply sexual. Kryptonite Pussy anyone? Oh go on then, I'll have a mouthful. It sure makes a refreshing change from much of the dull, dull, dull 'bitches and bling' male dominated rap scene so beloved of hoodies with those shitty mobile phones who sit on the top decks of buses all day long going round and round. Stuff Maths, French and about teaching frickin' musical appreciation in schools eh? Anyway, back to the good stuff. Yo Majesty are one of the most exciting live rap acts I've ever seen (and have probably ever existed). Anyone who can get me screaming 'Fuck That Shit' at the top of my voice in a packed Glee Club on a dank Monday night deserves my undying devotion. Crunk, electro, booty shaking bass and loads of effing and jeffing all delivered at the speed of light with a large slab of sass...hmmmm yes. In a word...majestic.

Next up, and rapidly becoming my favourite Welshman, Gruff Rhys' latest project, Neon Neon. Basing an entire album (loosely) on the life and times of disgraced motor manufacturer John De Lorean (you know, the man behind the iconic Back to The Future car) might not seem like the most obvious career move. But, remarkably, Gruff and partner Boom Bip, have turned in one of 2008's finest albums. It's 80's pop gold, delivered in Gruff's beautifully laid back vocal. There's more though. Cate Le Bon (nothing to do with Simon), Shunda K and...oh yes...HAR MAR SUPERSTAR are also in on the act. Oh sweet lord I have died and gone to heaven. Between them they delivered the entire album against a backdrop of Tron style 80's graphics. It made me feel 10 all over again. If you've not heard any Neon Neon cop a load of their MySpace tracks. Start with I Told Her On Alderaan and then try Raquel...the seemingly true story of De Lorean's fling with Miss Welch. Why this album lost out at The Mercury awards I'll never know. Still, just like Mr De Lorean's motor car, true genius often takes a few years to be fully appreciated eh?

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