Saturday, October 18, 2008

Now That's What I Call The Credit Crunch Vol 1

It's going to happen so I might as well predict the track listing now. I can just hear one of the big record labels mulling over how they can exploit their back catalogue just one more time. We've had a compilation for pretty much every other event so why should the current financial meltdown be any different? Naturally we'd have to have the BBC's Robert Peston on the front cover. Does that guy ever switch off? Or how about the dude above? goes. I reckon the whole thing should kick off with a longing look back at the days when the banks (remember them?) would lend to anyone with a pulse...and quite a few people without one. How about Mary Hopkins' seminal classic 'Those Were The Days' eh? We need something a little more jarring then. I reckon The Style Council's 'Walls Come Tumbling' down would be suitable. Next up The Clash with 'London's Burning' the way have you noticed how the wall of red on the share price thingy neatly matches the colour of the Brokers' faces? We'd better go into some more obvious 'money' related tracks now. You've got Pink Floyd's 'Money', Simply Red's 'Money's Too Tight To Mention', Money Makes The World Go Round (from the original Cabaret soundtrack of course) and a cheesy compilation wouldn't be complete without Abba's 'Money, Money, Money'. Oh, you'd better stick The Adventure's of Stevie V in there too with 'Dirty Cash' for all those generation X-ers feeling the pinch. Hmmm...what else. Of yes. For an ironic touch Eric B and Rakim with 'Paid in Full'...something that us poor suckers ain't gonna be. Right, going back a bit now, how about 'Brother, Can You Spare A Dime' or a few trillion dimes for that matter. There's a ton of versions out there. I'd plump for the Tom Waits one. There's a rather fine video montage of the last time we well and truly fucked up the economy here. We'd better lighten the mood at the end though eh? After all we gotta think of the Christmas market. At least we've got our health. So, let's be thankful and end up with a bit of Nina doing 'Ain't Got No...I Got Life'. Check out this darn fine live version.

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