Sunday, October 19, 2008

Fort Knox Five...damn that's some funky shit.

For those of you who thought this was just some tin pot little music blog I have news for you. The Hearing Aid has spies across the globe...a shadowy force of tune ninjas, all dedicated to picking up on the latest musical treats for me to serve up to you, the lucky reader. Oh alright then...that's bollocks. I have one spy...deep in the heart of the US (is Ohio in the heart of the US?). A man who should remain nameless but who answers to the nom de plume 'Bobby Dazzler'. Knowing how much I love da funk (boy you gotta love dat funk) he's tipped me off in the direction of the Fort Knox Five. You've had Jurassic Five, Freeform Five bow down and shake your bad ass to FORT KNOX FIVE. As funky as a fat guy running a marathon in a nylon suit...on a particularly hot August day (now that's funky) FKF appear to be a four piece (maybe one of 'em left?) from good 'ol Washington DC. Plying a more modern, breakbeat heavy funk sound than Hearing Aid faves The Dap Kings and The Budos Band, they seem to use a range of different vocalists too, including a certain Mr Sleepy Zeebo. Anyways...take a listen to Papa Was Stoned on Their Space for a slice of pure 100% FKF magic. Awesome.

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