Friday, October 24, 2008

It's competition time! Win Catskills 1st XI Goodies!!

Those lovely, lovely people at Catskills have kindly donated three copies of their frankly essential new album Catskills 1st XI together with...wait for it...a highly collectable and darn fun Catskills frisbee! That's Christmas sorted for me then. What? Oh...I'm supposed to give them away? Really? Can't I wrap them up and give them to various family members thus saving me some serious wedge? Oh...alright then. You lucky, lucky people have the chance to win the album that's been described as 'contender for compilation of the year' me...and I know what I'm talking about. Ahem. Anyway...I'm not just going to give this stuff away to the first people to email me...oh no...ya gotta work for it by answering a tricky question. Ready? Which soul legend sang on the Hardkandy track 'Advice'? Was it:

(a) Terry Christian

(b) Terry Callier


(c) Terry's Chocolate Orange

See, told you it was tricky. Email your answer to by Saturday 1st November together with your address. The first three names out of the hat win the goodies.

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