Friday, November 16, 2007

Jeffree Star / My Passion Bar Academy, Birmingham Wednesday 14th November 2007

Strange how you're drawn to one particular spot in a venue. I am any way. The last few times I've been to the BA my usual spot (left hand side, glued to the speaker) has been taken. Same deal tonight. This is very bad news in a venue like this. Especially when you're next to some prick who keeps booing the first band. Why do these people bother breathing? Anyway, My Passion were quite good in a synthy/emo-y kind of way. Some of the audience got it some, like my brain cell challenged friend to the side of me, clearly didn't. The band certainly look the part (think a less depressing The Horrors) and it would be good to see them in a better venue...without the pond life. Onto the main event, interweb icon Jeffree Star. I have to admit to just a passing knowledge of JS before tonight but, being slightly camp myself, I was quite taken with the whole deal. There just ain't enough drag queens in pop these days. Mr Star has an incredible 654, 816 friends on My Space (and over 28million...that's 28 million...profile views). Christmas must be expensive for the poor love. Musically he's a slightly camper Peaches mixed with Chicks on Speed. Peaches on Speed if you will...and if I have anything to do with it then you will. I must admit it was quite gratifying to be surrounded by dozens of young gay men and teenage girls all screaming "we want cunt" at the top of their voices. This then is the future of music and celebs in general. Hurrah. Andy was right. We will all get our few minutes in the spotlight...if we want it. Perhaps we'll be forced into it even if we don't. Maybe that nice Mr Brown will introduce some new form of National Service that calls on every man, woman and child to appear on a local news feature about talking goldfish or haunted kettles.

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Heather said...

You should check out DRAG's song "Jeffree Star" - if you like Jeffree Star then you'll get it! If you don't, then its a damn catchy song!

"I.... I wanna be as pretty as Jeffree Star....."

DRAG are at

and you'll find it on iTunes too :)