Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Dan Whitehouse / BC Camplight Glee Club Birmingham Monday 5th November 2007

Ahhh Bonfire Night. What better way to start than the vocal firecracker himself Mr Dan Whitehouse then eh? Third time I've seen him this year and he never fails to impress. He seemed a lot more at ease this time round too, chatting in between songs and adding some light in between what are, in some cases, quite dark, emotional songs. I really like his acoustic set, it would be good to see him with some other musicians at some point in the future too. Like I've said before he's got a particularly strong, powerful voice that works well with full band behind it (check out Lost The Fight on his My Space page to see what I mean). He's headlining at The Glee Club on 6th December for the very first time. Go see. From 'go see' to BC (seamless...bloody seamless), Camplight that is. With echoes of The Wondermints, The High Llamas, The Beach Boys and Ben Folds Five, BC Camplight's are a blissed out, loved up sugar pop treasure. And if you have any idea what the heck that means you'll probably love them. Have a listen to Lord I've Been on Fire...glorious. If that's not enough for ya then anyone who calls their album Blink of a Nihilist (cute eh?), has to be worthy of our devotion.

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