Saturday, November 03, 2007

Destroy Cowboy / Guile Birmingham Barfly Friday 2nd November 2007

This gig was supposed to have been headlined by Boy Kill Boy (the cover stars of the Gigbeth Festival programme). However the lead singer lost his voice, if anyone finds it please give him a bell on 0797332567...

Happily this meant that Destroy Cowboy were on later than planned and, as a result, got a much better audience. They deserved it too. Before I go on I'll reveal that I know one of the band, lest anyone claims some kind of Ant and Dec style 'phone rigging malarkey. I'll also reveal that the last time I saw them I thought they were okay, the big stadium tunes were there but it was all let down by some dodgy sound (the vocals especially were far too low). So I approached this gig with caution, determined that, whatever my opinion, I was going to voice it honestly. So I will...Destroy Cowboy are a seriously impressive band. One anthemic classic after another. Driving guitars, melodic synths and pounding drums - all mixed to perfection. A band that really knows its stuff and ain't afraid to show it. I have to say that Andy's voice is a darn impressive weapon too. Reminds me a little of Paul from Interpol, but with a far greater range. There are shades of the great Robert Wyatt in there too, albeit a Robert Wyatt with a lot more ooomph. I hate to get all Mystic Meg on you but I can really see Destroy Cowboy making it, not just nationally but across the pond too. They are, in my humble opinion, THAT good. Now go listen, see 'em live and if you're not 100% satisfied then you don't have ears.

NB: Lady Baron, who doesn't know any of the band, was just as impressed. So there.

Hot on their heals came Guile. Again I saw them a few months back and commented that they seemed a touch nervous. Not tonight. And that made a huge difference. Maybe they've got a few more gigs under their belt, maybe they've just been putting in the hours, whatever it is, tonight Guile hit the spot...just left a bit...that's it. The missing link between the 13th Floor Elevators, The Doors and XTRMNTR era Primal Scream (with a bit of JAMC thrown in for good measure), Guile are the awesome psych soundtrack to the greatest road movie never made. Standing there last night, having just seen Destroy Cowboy and now listening to Guile, the praise I've been heaping on the local music scene was suddenly more than justified. Far from missing Boy Kill Boy, the rest of the audience seemed to agree.

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