Sunday, October 28, 2007

Shy Child / We Smoke Fags Birmingham Bar Academy Saturday 28th October 2007

Lest you think I'd forsaken my love for all things electro tonight I hit the old BA for a spot of ravey / dancey / indie stuff. First up We Smoke Fags, who are a lot better than the jokey up yours kind of name suggests. There's a lot of that in bands names at the mo n'est ce pas? We Start Fires, You Say Party! We Say Die!, Does It Offend You, Yeah?...I'm quite surprised that no one's started a band called Am I Bovvered? yet. Or how about Wot R You Lookin' At, Mate? It can only be a matter of time. Anyway the Fags were great fun, much more guitar driven live than on mp3 (I can't say record anymore 'cos there ain't any). Shades of late '70's new wave, bits of Billy Childish like lo fi (have a listen to I Love You if you don't believe me) and enough beats per minute to satisfy even the sunniest of the Sunny D generation.

All the way from NYC Shy Child were a much smoother proposition. Kind of a pocket sized version of Men Women & Children. So, naturally, I like muchos. Armed with just a keyboard (one of those funky guitar slung jobbies that everyone used in the '80's...dead Howard Jones) and a drum kit, Pete and Nate manage to funk up some pretty natty slabs of New Jack Disco (no that doesn't really exist, I'm making shit up again). After ending up behind the tallest person at the gig (a fenomenomonommnom henceforth known Baron's Law...which states that no matter how tall you might be, there's always someone taller standing right in front of you) I crept round the speakers and stood at the side of the 'stage' for a glorious view and plenty of room to funk out (which for me involves gently rocking and occasionally thrusting my hips like some kind of lascivious OAP with a bowel condition...this I call dancing). Drop The Phone in particular is a classic - coming across like Justin Trousersnake with a firework up his ass and The Volume could be a great lost track from Mr Moroder in his prime. Both of these are good things. Not that I wish to insert a firework up anyones bottom...although it is nearly bonfire night. I'll shut up now.


Laura said...

You must have pinched the tallest person last night. I was behind a small blonde bloke who kept stepping backwards, the better to shout in the ear of an attractive young lady to his right. The view past his left ear wasn't bad though.

We Smoke Fags were previously called the Belmont Fantastics. I prefer the new name. It screams merchandise. Maybe that's just me.

The Baron said...

Hmmm...the Belmont that's such an '80's name. I'd have to vote for that. You're right though, and We Smoke Fags is very 2007...just think of the merchandising opportunities with Mr Benson & Mr Hedges. I wonder if the band do indeed 'smoke fags', not that bands have to do what their name implies. Where would that leave Coldplay...hopefully in a locked fridge. But that's just me...