Thursday, October 04, 2007

The Puppini Sisters / Patti Plinko and her boy Tuesday 2nd October 2007 Glee Club Birmingham

Two gigs, two nights...yes it's GDFTD (Going Deaf for Two Days for the hard of thinking amongst you). Well, when you're 104 like I am, heaving your festering carcass out of the house is a big deal. Damn glad I did though. Cos I'm in love. Yes. L-O-V-E. LOVE. Lady Baron won't mind. The object of my affections? Patti Plinko...and her boy. Damn...she has a boy. Balls. Still, I will steal her heart by plying her with cakes and stuff in the shape of her weapon of choice...the ukelele (try spelling that after a glass of champers). Imagine Marilyn Monroe, Regina Spector, Bessie Smith, Jacques Brel, the French Resistance, a glass of absinthe and George Formby all whisked up in a blender. That's what Patti Plinko sounds like. Just incredible. Seriously. Go listen. Now. See? Awesome. The fact that her 'boy' wore a gas mask throughout (reminding me of that Dr Who episode...'are you my mummy?'...spooky) and her songs were full of dead husbands, electric chairs and all kinds of weird stuff made me love it...and her...even more. I may give my musical heart away like a rent boy in Soho, but my love for Patti will remain until we're united in an air raid shelter of our own. (NB: if Patti ever reads this I'm not really a stalker...this is just for the are brilliant though). Riiiight. The Puppini Sisters. They do 1940's style covers of modern classics. Sounds a bit uncool. It ain't. It's so cool. They look so cool. They harmonise better than angel triplets (that's three angels with the same angels have mums? If not where do they come from?) and were a lot more amusing and even better in real life than I was expecting. The arrangements of the covers is spot on. Just listen to (a snatch of) Crazy In Love. (Beyonce? Pish). Then check out (a snatch of) Walk Like An Egyptian (yes, that one). Monumental. And a bit mental too. I was born in the wrong time. I've always suspected that. If you could just erase WW2 I'd fly back to the 1940's in a flash. Tonight the Glee Club lived up to it's name.

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