Saturday, August 11, 2007

Tony Wilson

Just discovered that Tony Wilson - founder of Factory Records, the man 'behind' Joy Division, Happy Mondays, A Certain Ratio and pretty much everything good to come out of Manchester in the 80's has died. At 57. Christ. I know little of the man other than what I gleaned from 24 Hour Party People (the book wot he wrote and the film wot Steve Coogan starred in) and, whilst he seemed to have a bit of an ego (hell, don't we all?) he appeared to genuinely love great music to the point of losing every penny he had funding The Happy Mondays' last great opus. The bit where he agrees to the classic New Order Blue Monday 12 inch sleeve (floppy disc style) even after realising that each one costs a few pence more to produce than they can actually sell it for marks him out as a truly extraordinary character (as well as a pretty shite businessman) too. But I know which one I'd rather be. Rest in peace Tony. Actually, no, fuck it, get up there, start a new label and form a supergroup with ian Curtis on vocals, Keith Moon on drums, Hendrix on guitar and Bob The Bass Thing on, well, bass.

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