Sunday, August 05, 2007

The Hearing Aid is 100!

Yes, it's true...this is the 100th post. Right, gotta say something important...I feel the hand of history on my that won't do at all...'tis better to have blogged and sucked than to have never blogged at all...hmmmm...nope, that's bollocks too. By a strange quirk of fate this post coincides with a far more momentous one from Pete Ashton. He's been blogging for 7 years! 7 years...good grief. I bet if you added up every post you'd have the makings of an impressive book or two. That's a serious body of work. A Letts Notes kind of word mountain. Dissertation-tastic etc.

I've been mulling over the value of blogs over the last few days, s'funny business really. Here we all are locked in our little rooms tippy typing away, most of what we all write probably only gets read by a handful of people, but then I guess Van Gogh was only appreciated by a select few when he was around...perhaps somewhere amongst the millions (billions?) of bloggers there's a genius trying to get out. Obviously, in my case, he's not trying very hard. The 'traditional' media are all busily trying to make some sense of it too. A lot of the articles are quite snotty, focussing on wannabe celebs and sweet old people who've accidently bought a computer thinking it was a toaster and found themselves on You Tube when they've tried to heat up a muffin. Why do I blog? want want the raw want me to break down screaming and say that it's a way of coping with the soul destroying annonymity of modern life? Nope. In reality it's all just a bit of fun. I have a mind like a...oh what's that thing called (Bob Monkhouse would be spinning in his grave...if he hadn't been exhumed to star in adverts about bottoms) this site acts as a nice little reminder of the bands I've been to see. If people drift by and read something, then check out a band I like and like it too then that's a bonus. I've discovered some great bands that way (Maxi Geil & Playcolt for one...thanks to Pete and his podcasts...they were rather good...see how I managed to make this post sort of about music...kind of...professional eh?). So (in the style of that really annoying Yellow Pages ad featuring a token northern bloke talking over lots of slo mo footage of cake makers and artificial scrotum sellers) here's to all the bloggers, the My Space bands and You Tubers, here's to the Second Lifers, the uploaders and ebayers...(best not to mention the free porn sites...oh balls).

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