Sunday, August 19, 2007

Crystal Castles Barfly Birmingham Sunday (1.00am to be precise) 19th August 2007

After gay Germans and chav Yorkshire rap came mad Canadians. After catching the bonkers Dandi Wind at Rootsville and seeing Crystal Castles I'm convinced that the people of Canada are in the middle of some sort of glorious electro breakdown. Just take the influences section of the Crystal Castles My Space page 'murder, blank looks on girls and knives'. Which is actually a pretty acurate description of the band itself. Musically they sound a lot like Lene Lovich trapped inside a broken 80's arcade game (just listen to Alice Practice...there...see?), actually the visual show is a bit like that too. They've got one of those strobe lights that you can adjust the timings of, just so you can make sure that every single member of the audience has some kind of fit. Predictably I rather liked it all, but then I like gay Euro disco so what do I know?

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