Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Whatever happened to...Guillemots?

Just heard a track by Guillemots on 6 Music and wondered whatever happened to them? Old man Maconie said he'd heard from Fyfe recently who said new music was in the offing but I can't find any confirmation of this online. It's been 6 years since the last album so I can only assume Mr Dangerfield's working on something suitably ruddy epic. Just in case you missed Guillemots first time round (or have forgotten all about them...and let's face it there's a lot of distracting crap around right the Government's new 'over 40's tax'...sod right off) here are three more of their best:

PS: If Fyfe would like to update the world on his plans he's more than welcome to pop in a comment below. Cheers!

PPS: I once lent him a pen you know. Twice in fact. Now there's a claim to fame. Where's my star on Broad Street eh?

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