Friday, June 29, 2018

For those about to Let's Rock

Almost time for Let's Rock Exeter, another winningly random selection of the good, the bad and the 'what the ruddy hell are they doing on the bill' from the 80s. There are some personal favourites in the line up this year, notably Marc Almond, ABC, Sister Sledge and Fuzzbox (technically more of a 90s band but we'll let it slide), Mrs B's looking forward to OMD and if Nick Heywood can pull of the Haircut 100 stuff on his lonesome that should be good too. Of course it's a cheesy as a cheeseburger with the burger and bun replaced by cheese...with a little extra cheese on top for good measure, but what the hell. I'm secretly craving some sweaty Hi-NRG from Hazell Dean, altogether " Searchin', lookin' for looooooooove". I know, have no shame.

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