Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Marc Almond – A Kind Of Love

Ramping the camp and 60's kitsch up to at least 11 Marc Almond’s irrepressibly catchy new single and vid’s a teaser for a solo and Soft Cell ‘best of’ due out in May. Apparently he’s recently signed a major label record deal for the first time in 20 years too so it’ll be interesting to see what he and it (Universal) now do together. 

As regular readers will know Almond’s one of the few artists I’ve really stuck with since childhood and if you’re not familiar with his full (and boy is it full) back catalogue it’s well worth spending a month or two exploring, not just the hits but also the more obscure stuff from Russian romance songs via Heart on Snow through to a little light industrial madness with Clint Ruin on the Slut EP. Here’s a little taster of both: 

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