Thursday, February 09, 2017

Jamiroquai - Automaton

Pointless fact of the day, Jamiroquai was the first act I ever saw, well mainly heard actually, at Glastonbury waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay back in 1995. That was in the days when you could buy a ticket the weekend before, roll up on the Friday and still get a decent spot to pitch your tent. Seriously. My how things have changed, I half suspect there are people already queuing up to get onsite for this year's Glasto right now. Anyway, back to the 'story'. It was the Friday afternoon and we'd just got on site ourselves and I was taking a pre-emptive toilet break (believe me the loos were a LOT worse back then) and all I could hear was Jamiroquai yelling something about legalising weed. Talk about preaching to the converted eh? From what I can remember the rest of the set was pretty good, even from inside the loo. This was his Acid Jazz period and remarkably for Glastonbury the ruddy sun was out too so at that precise moment life seemed pretty sweet. Sadly we were hopelessly unprepared for the following three days having taken no food or booze (I know...) with us and just about enough cash to afford a loaf of bread (this was before mobile cashpoints, contactless technology or any other kind of financial voodoo). Not quite sure how we survived but a steady stream of free Lipton Ice Teas (they were doing a promotion at the time) kept us hydrated as the temperatures soared to a skin searing 80 degrees. Ouch.

A mere 22 years on we've got the festival thing pretty much covered (always take more booze than you think you could ever drink in a million years, peanuts are the best fuel in the world and prepare for anything from flash floods through to a plague of locusts and you'll be fine) and after what seems like an eternity (but was actually just a mere 7 years) Jamiroquai's back with a Daft Punk-tastic new single Automaton. Hmmmmm, wonder what it sounds like from inside a portaloo...?

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