Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Jobriath A.D.

Happy New Year and all that jazz.

Finally got round to watching the Jobriath doc over Christmas and, as perhaps you'd expect, it's a pretty heartbreaking tale. To come out as GAY with a capital G A and Y back in the early 70s clearly limited Jobriath's mainstream appeal  and with manager Jerry Brandt hyping him as the greatest thing since...well...ever...the story was unlikely to end well. Perhaps the saddest thing of all though (okay not quite the saddest, that was Jobriath's death from AIDS at just 36) was the revelation that his father ordered all of his belongings, demo tapes, costumes, scores etc to be destroyed before his friends could rescue any of it. Who knows what gems were lost eh? Still at least we've got beauties like this, The Faces meets Queen meets Bowie. Genius.

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