Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Just over a folking fortnight to go!

In just over two weeks Moseley Folk celebrates its tenth birthday with one of its strongest line ups ever. Friday’s highlights include Du Blonde (the artist formerly known as Beth Jeans Houghton), Anna Calvi and Spritualized, Saturday dishes up Gaz Coombes and Idlewild and’s only The Polyphonic Spree (arguably the best festival band on the planet...any planet) and The Monkees innit!! Listen to the band(s)!:

In between all that you’ve got oodles of other great bands, the living legend that is Mr Martin Carthy, scrummy food and drink and the now traditional straw wars on Sunday (trust me, you’ll be picking straw out of your nether regions for months). If Mother Nature behaves herself (she’s normally had a pint or two so it’s all good) the whole shebang will be bathed in that glorious autumnal sunshine that makes everything seem just that little bit magical...even the loos. Tickets still currently available but beware, Mo Folk’s been known to sell out and this one’s extra special. 

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