Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Jjuke - A Little More Love

Oh dear, what happened to the summer this year? Okay, so I'm not a fan of the sweaty dusty too hot to think kind of days but a little gentle heat and just the merest hint of sunburn wouldn't go amiss would it eh? It's actually cold here in Baron Towers today, COLD...in August. Pah. Even the leaves are starting to give up and fall off way too soon and the bees on the lavender aren't buzzing...they're shuddering. Poor things. Anyway it's against this backdrop that this fluffy slice of 80s style summertime pop dropped into my in box. I have no idea who Jjuke is but it's just the kind of track that makes you want to dance around in the sun wearing just a pair of Y-fronts and a smile. Enjoy.

PS: A Little More Love is out on So Tangy on September 7th.

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