Thursday, May 14, 2015

Lunar Festival...three weeks and counting!

Festival season. A magical time when we stumble outside into the sunshine / rain / hail / snow (delete as applicable) and get back to nature a little. I've been to a fair few over the years (including 10 Glastonburys...oh the horror of the long drop toilets back in the day) and have come to the not at all earth shattering conclusion that the smaller ones are at least 87% lovelier than the MASSIVE ones. There are some beauties to choose from too (big up Indietracks for instance) but one of the very best (and still something of a undiscovered treat, making it absolutely wanker free) is Lunar Festival. Unbelievably it's just over three weeks until this year's (where does the time go eh?) so to celebrate here's a trio of darn fine acts appearing there that you might not be quite so familiar with...

Good eh? Tickets are available right here for just £89 for the whole ruddy weekend...including camping...which is probably the cost of a pint of cider at Glastonbury these days (pah!) and here's how last year's Lunar went down. It really is a proper gem of a fact you'd be a luna-tic to miss it (yes I know I probably used that last year but you can't keep a good pun down).

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