Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Go Selector!

Spent a very enjoyable couple of hours at the Coventry Music Museum on Saturday. It’s a great little place, stuffed full of memorabilia and staffed entirely by volunteers (including The Primitives’ Tracey Tracey’s mum and dad and music historian/journalist Pete Chambers). As you’d expect there’s a load of cool Two Tone stuff including a recreation of a fan’s bedroom from the late 70s and a 60s era listening booth. I’m just a touch too young to remember the latter but the bedroom rang more than a few bells. Anyone fancy a Marathon bar? Ahhh happy days, what kind of ruddy stupid name is Snickers? Pffff. Anyway, it’s just two quid to get in and it’s well worth a visit. I had no idea Hazel O’Connor or Delia Derbyshire were from Cov either. You live and learn. Anyway, here are a few Cov classic for your delectation and delight (PS: I just had to include a Terry Blair and Anouchka track, Terry Hall at his poppiest...he even cracks a smile or two, bless him). 

Just one question...why the hell doesn't Birmingham have a place like this? Oh yeah...too busy wasting hundreds of millions of pounds on a library that they can't afford to keep open...good grief. 

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