Wednesday, January 21, 2015

You can't miss (Miss) Halliwell...

It's true, just a few weeks into the New Year and Miss Halliwell continue their seemingly relentless work rate with a...deep EP (Abscess Granted, out March 2nd), Best of collection (Perhower and the Gory Years Best of 2010 – 2014, out February 2nd) and Valentine’s Day gig (Saturday February 14th at Bearwood’s historic Sandwell Snooker hall).

They’ve just uploaded a taster from the EP too, Capitulate (not the first word you’d associate with the band or their admirably single-minded frontdude Miles Perhower), and it’s yet another classic mash up of wondrous wordplay and musical mayhem that’s somehow...and here’s the killer blow people...still surprisingly catchy. Have a listen. Go on. I dare you. If it doesn’t make you pogo around in your undergarments then frankly there’s no hope.   

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