Thursday, January 08, 2015

Let it Go, Let it Go, Let it Go! Team...

Okay, so it might be the bleakest week of the year right now when you're surrounded by nothing but turkey carcusses, torn wrapping paper, pine needles and bills...oh so many bills...but happily The Go! Team have chosen this very moment to sneak out brand new single The Scene Between, an instant blast of 70s tinged summer sun. Bless 'em. There had been some talk of The Go! Team packing it all in after their last album of them have. In fact just Ian Parton remains, but as he started the whole thing off on his lonesome that's not a huge problem from a recording point of view. Who knows if he'll bother trying to do the live thang again (they were pretty joyous affairs so it would be a shame if he didn't) but for now just sit back, polish off that last six boxes of mince pies and enjoy.

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