Monday, August 11, 2014

Seth, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll

Okay, I have no idea about his views on ‘erb but anti-folk veteran Seth Faergolzia (the artist formerly known as Dufus) has certainly stuck by the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle after deciding way back in 1998 to forsake stuff like a regular wage, company car, parking space and his own stapler in favour of the precarious life of a full time musician. The fact that he’s still at it, some 20 albums and nearly as many years later is pretty remarkable. From what little I know of the economics of life as a musician these days it’s a pretty tough existence and most will need to fall back on some kind of other job to make ends meet. Somehow though Seth seems to survive life as a wandering minstrel...with that beard he looks like one too...and his latest tour takes in a over a dozen UK cities including Brum (August 20th in the new Dark ‘orse pub...which used to be The Cross I think). I have no idea how much tickets are...if indeed there is a charge to get in...but having seen Seth once before back at The Jug of Ale (RIP - see the vid at the top of this waffle) it’s highly recommended. Here’s a taster: 

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