Thursday, August 14, 2014

C'est tres JOHN!

Musical collective Brain Wave release the debut EP from the riff little fingers of London two piece JOHN on September 15th.  Its three tracks clock in at just a shade over 8 minutes so don’t go expecting any two week proggy guitar solos. Heck no. Opening number Big Game Tactics is all schizoid guitar and man on the edge vocals with the kind of heavy head nodding riffs that should come with a neck related Government health warning. If anything Homme D’affaires kicks things up a gear, constructing a ruddy great wall of guitar that struggles to contain the band’s ranting vocalist (presumably a chap called John) whilst last track + sounds like freakin’ Quo on a speed induced mental breakdown. And if that isn’t an intriguing enough prospect to get you listening then frankly m’dears there’s no hope for you. 

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