Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The (Miles)Perhower and the Gory...

"The more you ignore me the closer I get" warbled Mozza a few years back. It's the kind of sentiment that could well apply to Miss Halliwell. Despite...or maybe because coverage in the music press and relatively intimate gigs they keep producing some of the best and most vital sounding music around right now, most recently discarding pretty much all of their existing material and writing an entirely new set in just a matter of weeks. Who else has the balls...or vaginas...(is that that the feminine version of balls...hmmm...answers on a ovary please) to do that eh? 

This is their latest release, bursting forth from the underbelly of alternative pop, two minutes of twisted post punk with a dash of old skool synth and Miles Perhower on top lyrical form. If you've not fallen for their charms yet who knows, maybe you never will. But if you've got a couple of minutes to spare today to actually LISTEN, do your mind, body, soul and ears a favour. And oh yes...if you like what you hear spread the word people. Facebook and Twitter might suck balls but at least we can use 'em for something good.

PS: Miss Halliwell play The Holly Bush in Cradley Heath on Friday 27th June. 

PPS: Don't forget that the next Sunday Xpress (Miss Halliwell are regulars) is this Sunday (obviously) at the Adam and Eve too. Headliner this time is the rather glamorous Supercilious Ms T!

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