Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Lunar'll 'moon' be here

Okay, so what would you rather be doing this weekend? Plodding round Aldi/Tesco/Waitrose (delete according to your bank balance...I'm an Aldi kinda guy) or sitting in a field in Warwickshire with a pint of cider watching a man set fire to his head? It's a no brainer...quiet literally if the fire gets out of control but I'm sure the lovely Mr Brown's on top of all that after 40 years or so. Yep, this weekend sees only the second ever Lunar Festival (from the team behind Moseley Folk and Mostly Jazz, Funk and Soul), the kind of blissful and chilled out event that Glasto probably was back in the day before all of that nasty sponsorship business fecked things up. It looks like the temperatures are set to soar too with a scorchio-tastic 25 degrees predicted by that permagrinning Scottish women on breakfast telly. So carpe that carp...grab a ticket, dust off your tent and dig out that pointy hat you bought at V Festival last year after sharing a funny fag with the Scouser you met in the queue for the loos...

Tickets here, tents here...silly hats here.

Here's a few more vids to get you in the mood:

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