Wednesday, May 14, 2014

What a moustache-rophe!

I don't generally comment on Eurovision. Everyone knows that the voting's heavily influenced by political and cultural factors rather than the quality of the song or performance, which rules us out from ever winning again. Oddly pretty much everyone sings in English these days though, perhaps not the best way to reflect Europe's diversity but still, c'est la vie. Which brings us neatly to France's entry, a lively slice of impossibly catchy tongue in cheek Europop that should've been right up there in the top that 1. France has a bit of a track record for gently taking the piss out of the whole thing as witnessed by Sebastien Tellier's memorable performance in 2008 (which kind of predicted this year's winner too...check out his backing singers).

Given my own lip adornment of course I had a bit of an instant soft spot for this year's entry from the French...which sadly attracted just deux points. Which is a bit merde if you ask me. Anyway, it seems as though the band in question Twin Twin, is having the last laugh as the song's sneaking into various charts across Europe. If you haven't seen/heard it yet sit back, pour yourself a glass of vin rouge and enjoy...

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