Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Lunar Festival picked as one of the best!

Chuffed to see Lunar Festival picked as one of The Sunday Times' Top Festivals for 2014. Having been to my fair share of big festivals (step forward Glasto and V) I've concluded that the smaller ones are oh so much better. Not only do you not have to queue for several hours to relieve yourself you've also got a fair chance of seeing a decent portion of the bill too, as opposed to the back of some bloke's head as you trudge from one field to the next. Anyway, Lunar Festival's just a month away now and there's even a rumour of a heat wave coming up as May edges into June...hurrah!

Tickets available right here for an astonishingly reasonable £85 for the whole three days...including camping. Frankly Temples are worth the price of admission on their own...ruddy awesome. 

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