Thursday, January 16, 2014

Steve Evans RIP

Okay, a little (alright then...a lot) off piste here (and apologies for the fact that both this post and the last one have been about death, that's life I guess) but last night a bloke called Steve Evans died. He'd become something of a minor celebrity both here in the Midlands and nationwide thanks to a series of appearances on Richard Bacon's radio show and BBC Breakfast News. The reason? The dude had cancer. Okay, lots of people get cancer but Steve seemed to look at it all in a rather different way to some, seeing it as another stage in the journey that is life. His sense of humour in the face of his impending death and obvious love for his family and friends as well as his self deprecating Midlander manner was all pretty inspirational stuff. That's it really. I never met the guy, never tweeted him or wrote about him before but if you've not watched/listened to any of his interviews do yourself a favour and catch up with him. If you ever struggle with the meaning of life and your place in the universe this might well help...

PS: The track above from Minnie Ripperton seemed pretty appropriate somehow.

I can't embed his last interview that he gave mere hours before he died but you can hear it here.

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