Monday, January 20, 2014

Elephant - Elusive Youth

New week, new music. This time Sarf Lahndon duo Elephant's new single Elusive Youth, a 60s meets 80s blend of cool breathy female vocals and Joe Meek-ish production values (at least that's what it sounds like on my dodgy PC speakers/ears). You can download it for free at their website.

I watched Working Girl yesterday for the first time ever and have added it to my list of favourite cheesy 80s movies (see also every single movie made by John Hughes). You can see the plot twists a mile off but I rather like that sometimes, especially after a long soak in the bath and a bottle of red. Anyway here's the suitably bombastic, soul stirring 'you go girl' theme tune from Carly Simon. Ahhhh the 80s...happy days.

Should we have a John Huges related track too? Oh go on then...altogether now "Bueller, Bueller, Bueller...Bueller"

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Mrs B said...

Good call. Love it! xxxx