Monday, December 16, 2013

Remi Harris – Ninick

Big Bear Records’ latest signing, Remi Harris, has already won lavish praise for his live shows (both as a solo artist and with his self titled quartet) now he’s releasing an album that looks set to cement his reputation as simply one of the finest gypsy jazz guitarists around. Like the best players he makes it all sound so darn easy. There’s an effortless fluidity to his playing that makes you just want to kick back with a packet of Gauloises and glass of vin rouge or three and let the music do its thing. From self penned opening number Perrin’s trumpet and guitar flirtations through to the closing track, Django’s Tiger (written by the master himself Mr Django Reinhardt) it’s an impressive collection of tracks with more than a few surprises. Take the nimble fingered cover of Lady Madonna for instance into which Remi breathes new life or George Benson’s groove laden The Man From Toledo or a gloriously languid take on Somewhere Over The Rainbow (pretty much guaranteed to chill out even the most tormented of souls). Perhaps it’s on Joseph Joseph that Harris’ talents are best revealed though. A Yiddish / gypsy mash up it zings along like a Rabbi on a skateboard. Now that takes chutzpah... 

Ninick is out on Big Bear Records on January 20th 2014.    

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