Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Miss Halliwell - Favourite Guitar

Okay...so you're stuck for gifts this Christmas. You want to give something a little different for a change. That gift set from Superdrug just don't cut it any more and you can't quite stretch to an iPad for everyone. Relax. I have the answer. The new DOUBLE (yes, a double...think how flash that'll make you look eh?) album from Miss Halliwell / Miles Perhower. You can read my rambling attempt at a review right here and cop a listen to one of the many stand out tracks by clicking the video thingy above.

At just £10 (including P&P...which to be fair probably costs £10 now the Tories have flogged the Post Office) it's the perfect gift for anyone who knows good music when they hear it...or a decent education for anyone who doesn't. Plus you'll seem at least 38% cooler just by giving something as frankly magnificent as this album. What's that? Oh...you're welcome.

Order your copy of Fresh From The Holy Spring / Gusting Guests right here, right now. You can even catch Miss Halliwell live at the Hairy Hounds on December 19th too.  Blimey, anyone would think it was Christmas...

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