Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Things to do? See Sweet Baboo!

Hot on the heels of the rather excellent Euros Childs gig last week Birmingham Promoters have another Welsh wizard of song on offer this Wednesday (6th November) in the form of 6 Music favourite Sweet Baboo. Possessing a voice that's both mournful and angelic at the same time he spins folk, psych, pop and whatever the hell else takes his fancy into some truly gorgeous tunes. Imagine Daniel Johnston jamming with The Flaming Lips at an Indiepop night in Cardiff and you might have some vague idea of what he/they sound like...or alternatively you could just listen, which is a hell of a lot easier really. Damn it, still haven't got used to this Internet thingy. Anyway, Sweet Baboo...go see, Wednesday, Hare and Hounds, tickets here!

Whilst we're on the subject of must see shows here's another couple for you. The legendary Har Mar Superstar (possibly one of the most entertaining live acts in the universe) hits the Hare next Thursday (14th November tickets here)

Then the simply gorgeous Summer Camp pitch up on Sunday 24th (again at the Hare, tickets here).


In between that you've got the very first All Years Leaving Festival (again at the Hare, I know...I should just move in...tickets here) featuring one of my favourite bands right now, Dutch Uncles. Cop a load of this.

See you down the front...not down your front of course...I don't do that...anymore...well, not often. Oh dear...

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