Thursday, June 06, 2013

The Semi Regular New Music Roundup Thingy

Yes I know, yet another lengthy interval between the last edition and this one. Still absence makes the heart grow fatter or some such nonsense. Turn on, tune in and annoy your neighbours...

Scanners – Control

Patti Smith in an old skool techno club. Boom.

Wolf People – Empty Vessels

Annoyed to have missed Wolf People on tour recently, sadly it clashed with John Grant so I’m afraid there could be only one winner there. Am really liking their prog/rock/folk mix though. 

Habits – Haacksaw

On maaaaaaaaaaaan, this dude sounds like he’s taken sooooo many drugs. In fact I’d be frankly disappointed if he hadn’t. All that brain frying’s been worth it though judging by this postpunktronica beauty. Like Beck’s cooler younger brother.

Taffy – Tumbling

Japanese indie rock? You’re in luck, cop a load of Taffy.  Shades of The Breeders, Elastica and Echobelly in there...yes...Echobelly. Remember them? Oh...just me then.

Kiran Leonard – Dear Lincoln

What is it with young people these days? Far too talented. Here’s another 17 year old genius in the shape of Kiran Leonard. Just listen to this...awesome.

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