Friday, June 28, 2013

The RebelBeats - Turned Bad EP

Hey cool cats. What’s goin’ down daddio? Me? I’m a cruisin’ to the sounds of The RebelBeats man. Okay, so maybe we’ll ditch the hip 50s slang for a mo but B-Town based rockabilly punksters RebelBeat really do get you reaching for the Brylcreem, black leather jacket and flick knife with their brand new EP Turned Bad (see, even the title’s kick ass). None of the four tracks here trouble the three minute mark, with the closing number clocking in at a frenetic 1minute 44seconds, but they’re all the better for it. From the swaggering Wanted Man to the punkier title track and onto the pedal to the metal of Love Tycoon (think Thin Lizzy meets Eddie Cochran) it’s a high octane blast from the past that somehow still sounds pretty fresh. Impressively they’ve been able to capture some of the energy of the band’s live show too perhaps most obviously on I’m On The Loose, 104 seconds of rock ‘n’ roll brilliance that could well give Little Richard a run for his money.

Turned Bad’s available on vinyl yet’s screaming (literally) out for a 45rpm release though...

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