Thursday, December 06, 2012

The Semi Regular New Music Round Up Thingy w/e 7th December

Lordy it’s cold. I fear bits may start dropping off soon. Important bits. Can’t we have the Summer we missed out on this year now instead please?  In the absence of sun try this instead. They ain’t Cuban, they ain’t brothers and none of them are likely to become president but if their blend of J5 meets Har Mar Superstar doesn’t bring a smile to your ass then nothing will.

Deerhoof + Silver Apples = this irresistibly wibbly robots go bonkers in an 80s arcade mash up. Brilliantly nuts.

I’m not sure what Darumasanga means (whacking each other off in public conveniences judging by the video) but Parakeet’s new one has a pleasing Breeders meets Cocteau Twins meets Shonen Knife kinda feel. Play it loud and increase your coolness by at least 46%. Actually make that 48%.

In a similar but more noise poppy vein wrap your ears around the new one from Big Deal.

Finally it’s a little old but it’s a little new too, yep the new single from Friends Va Fan Gor Du does indeed “give me a naughty feeling”. Not in a Max Clifford kind of way but still...

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