Wednesday, December 19, 2012

George Barnett - Where The Devil Sleeps

Wow. This is EPIC. With a capital E. Yep, one of 2012's best new talents George Barnett caps off the year with a brand new single, all 6 minutes of it. It's like a mini symphony, outplaying Coldplay, swerving majestically past The Verve and sprinkling in more great moments than the average album. Good grief. If this dude doesn't become a huge star next year then frankly the human race is doomed. DOOMED I say! So there.

Unbelievably you can catch him at a special gig at The Sunflower Lounge on Saturday 29th now available. There's your Christmas present dilemma sorted.

PS: Oh yes, by the way he wrote, played (everything apart from the strings) and produced it all himself too. Incredible...

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