Tuesday, October 09, 2012

This weekend...Oxjam Brum!

Yep this weekend, Saturday October 13th, sees the annual Oxjam Brum Takeover Event, during which a whole bunch of lovely performers play venues across the city to raise dosh for Oxfam (Oxfam...Oxjam...see what they did there?). With 12 hours of live music, comedy and spoken word from 40 artists across 7 venues there’s a huge range of stuff going on so whatever your taste you’ll find something to love. Well, if you’re after some Christian Acid Techno you might struggle a little but that’s probably your own fault eh? Anyway, get thee over to here for t’wristbands (just £10 in advance) or just turn up on the day and throw money at Team Oxjam Brum (paper money only obviously...those pound coins can sting a bit).

The full line up’s at the Oxjam Brum website but here’s just a trio of treats:

This weekend Paul’s telling stories on a barge moored in the Gas Street Basin...Paul Murphy...telling stories...on a BARGE...awesome.

Tom Peel’s a huge talent and the sooner the rest of the world wakes up and...er...smells him...the better. Catch him at The Sunflower Lounge.

Artful Fall inspired post punk truth n’venom from former Miss Hallewell frontman Miles Perhower (possibly not his real name...), he’ll be kicking against the pricks at the Victoria. 

PS: Even if you can't make the whole day/night some venues are operating a 'pay what you can' system so you can pop in, catch some tunes, empty your wallets and still get home in time for Strictly Come Dancing! 

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