Monday, October 22, 2012

The Semi Regular New Music Roundup

Oh dear...the old inbox has got out of control again. I blame Jimmy Savile. Anyway, on with the show, stuff to do, people to offend etc etc...first up it’s Wild Beasts...hang on...what’s this...Wild SWIM you say? Hmmm...okay, bearing an uncanny similarity to Wild Beasts, Wild Swim’s debut single, Echo, is a fine slice of Associate’s –ish prog pomp pop.

Next up Pseudo Nippon. First time I read this I thought they were called Pseudo Nipple...shows what’s on my mind most of the time eh? Anyway, the Nippon’s new one is a curious mix of Japanese electro madness and Scroobius Pip meets TV On The Radio style rap attack. Apparently some of the band got arrested shooting the video too, good on ‘em... 

If Kings of Leon weren’t such whiny bitches they might sound this good. Stick some of The Broken Needles in your ears people (NB: not literally, not recommended...unless you’re Cheryl Cole, in which case go right ahead).

Finally for this episode Birmingham’s very own TheTraps release their rather splendid second single Moving Pictures on November 19th. Building on a motorik beat the song’s got a bit of an Editors feel in places but with more of an upbeat indie anthem vibe that pretty much guarantees it’ll lodge itself in your brain after just one listen. Anyone who lives in Brum can enjoy trying to spot all the video locations too. A sticky bun for everyone who gets them all right (Disclaimer: I'm not buying you sticky buns, what do you think, I'm made of money? Oy vey...)

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