Thursday, August 18, 2011

Free Download! Greg Bird & Flamingo Flame - Statuette / Fire & Horses

"Statuette/Fire & Horses" by Greg Bird & Flamingo Flame by Speech Fewapy Records

I grew up in the ‘80s, reaching the dizzy old age of 10 in 1980 and a decidedly ancient ne ne ne ne ne ne ne ne 19 (that’s a dodgy Paul Hardcastle reference for anyone under the age of 30) in 1989. No matter how hard you try, the music that’s around during these formative years gets hard wired into your brain and elicits some kind of Pavlov type response whenever you hear it...or something like it. That’s why the last few years have been pretty awesome, musically speaking, with loads of new bands (big up La Roux, Everything Everything, Metronomy, Hercules & Love Affair, Mirrors and the late lamented Findo Gask for instance)discovering the 80s for themselves and coming up with their own twist on, arguably, pop's best ever decade. That’s probably why the first 5 seconds of Greg Bird & Flamingo Flame’s new double A side (double A 80s is that!) got me grinning like a loon. Both songs have echoes of Duran Duran, Heaven 17, Blancmange and loads of other 80s loveliness plus more than a gentle nod towards current indie darlings Wild Beasts in places (especially with Greg's slightly breathy, come to bed vocals). Thanks to the good folk at Speech Fewapy records you can even download the whole thing for free (I used to have to pay £1.15 for a 7 inch you know...jeez...)! Of course if you’re really dedicated to all things ‘80s you’ll probably copy it onto tape, pop it in your Sony Walkman and go roller skating in a ra ra skirt too. Just a thought.

PS: Greg's playing at The Rainbow on Friday 18th August with the rather excellent Free School.

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