Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New music round up thingy

You heard it heard first. That’s what you’ll be saying in six months time when these acts are all over the front page of ‘Ferret Breeder’s Weekly’. Whether any of them actually breed ferrets is a moot point...there are far too few decent music magazines to go round these days so I reckon artists should try branching out a little if they want to land that all important front cover. I’m sure the publishers of ‘Broom Brush and Mop Magazine’ would be only too happy to feature any one of the following...

First up, and actually not a bad soundtrack to a spot of light broom work, it’s The Diamond Sea. Proudly indie pop (with a dash of shoegaze in the mix) they’re the kind of band you can imagine going down a storm with students in bedsits who read Albert Camus and smoke roll ups. Sounds a bit like me. Except I’m not a student, I don’t smoke and I have no idea who Albert Camus is. A low key, nicely chilled dreamy soundtrack to your day, their new album, Second Move, is out now.

Next, and in stark contrast, the vaguely terrifying The Horn The Hunt. Fans of The Knife and Fever Ray will find plenty to like here...in other words a scary lady singing about power stations, cling film, pension funds, toasting forks and stuff, all set against an exotic backdrop of synths, sounds and samples. I can heartily recommend the oriental tinged ‘Old Town Cow’ as a suitable introduction to the (cue Kenneth Williams style voice) world of the ‘orn.

How’s about a bit of Irish pop folk? Aaron Shanley’s got the looks, voice and lyrics to melt a million hearts. Reminding me of a younger Damien Rice he’s got a nice line in autumnal pop songs(you know...the kind of tracks that make you want to snuggle up with someone by a log fire). If you can (a) find someone to snuggle up with and (b) get hold of a log fire then you’ll need (c) a copy of Aaron’s new album ‘Let The Sun In’.

If you lack someone to snuggle up with and you’d rather stab someone in the neck with a King Size Twix (try it kids...it’s a lot safer than a knife and you’ve got something to munch on afterwards) I’ve got the perfect band for you. Recently described as Bad Brains on crystal meth Cerebral Ballzy play it hard n’fast. I have a bit of a weird thing for hardcore which is probably why you’ll find me at their Birmingham gig on Thursday evening...trying desperately to avoid being decapitated by flying teens. I do hope they play 'Insufficient Fare' (click on the video above all this nonesense for a quick blast)...


Anonymous said...

Hello, i would love you guys to review our recently released debut album. Let me know how we go about it. Do you prefer getting the CD or just emailed mp3's. Love your blog. Peace.
Tanya and The W£hiskey Princes

The Baron said...

Hi Tanya and the Whiskey Princes! Just email the MP3's to thehearingaid@googlemail.com